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Two-week (80-hour) "TRIZ Fundamentals" Course
In association with the University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands

Dates: July 9-20, 2018, University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands

This official "full immersion" 80-hour TRIZ summer course provides a unique opportunity to learn basic and advanced TRIZ and Systematic Innovation processes and techniques for technology and engineering in depth and extensively practice with their tools in a live and exciting environment. 

During the course, the participants learn underlying background and philosophy of TRIZ, practice with classical and contemporary tools of TRIZ, and get insights how TRIZ can be used in real projects. The largest part of the course is dedicated to performing practical assignments by the course participants.

Since 2010, the course is open to general public. B.Sc and M.Sc students of other universities as well as working professionals from industry are welcome to participate. Each year the course is attended by the participants from different countries. To participate in the course, no previous experience with TRIZ is needed.

The course is run by Valeri Souchkov, certified TRIZ Master and Vice-President of the International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ) as a principal trainer, and assisted by Dr. Tom Vaneker and Dr. Wessel Wits of the University of Twente.

If you are B.Sc or M.Sc student or a working professional who might be interested in participating in this course, please contact us as soon as possible for more details on admission and accommodation information.

The fees for non-student participation can be found below in the link to the registration form. Officially registered university students from European Union have a special financial arrangement for the course.

Note that the number of seats and percentage of non-student participants at this course is limited. Please let us know about your interest as soon as possible.


Upon successful completion of the course, the participants obtain a certificate of Level 2 from the International TRIZ Association MATRIZ, from the University of Twente and a certificate of Advanced TRIZ Practitioner from TRIZ Training International Centre. Students of European Union universities obtain 3 transferable European Credits.


The course language is English.

Donwload the Course Brochure and Program to get more information about the course, its program, pricing and other details.


To participate in the course please complete Registration Form (note that this form does not apply to Dutch and European Union students)


Report about one of our past courses

Video presentation: "Two-week TRIZ Fundamentals Course"  (length: 6:54)

Highlights from the course (length 5:19):


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