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Registration for the "TRIZ Fundamentals" 10-day Summer Course


Dates and Location Price, per person Course Title
July 9-20, 2018
Enschede, Netherlands

EUR 2904 (21% Dutch VAT of EUR 504 included).
(10% and 30% discounts are available)

10-day (80 hours) training and certification:
"TRIZ Fundamentals" official Summer Course at the University of Twente

Please note that this form does not apply to full-time B.Sc. and M.Sc university students from the countries of the European Union. Please contact Twente University to enroll.

  • To register for the course, please complete and send us this form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

  • The course fee is excluding travel and accommodation.

  • If there are two or more persons willing to register from the same organization, please complete this form for each participant separately.

  • Please note that a number of seats at the course is limited.

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Discounts are applicable in the following cases (please select)***:
10%: Early bird: registration for the course and payment should be done before May 01, 2018 (discount does not apply to academic registrations).
10%: Two or more participants from the same organization visit the course (discount does not apply to academic registrations).
30%: Academic discount for full-time staff of academic non-profit organizations (letter of confirmation is required).
(if any):

** The Dutch Value-Added Tax (21%) will be added if the course is paid by a private resident or a business established in The Netherlands, or a private person without registered business with a valid EU VAT number in any country of the European Union.
The Dutch VAT will not be added if the course is paid by a business with a valid EU VAT number established in the European Union except The Netherlands. Instead, the VAT will be reversed to the country where the business is established.
The Dutch VAT will not be added is the course is paid by a registered business or a private person outside of the European Union.
*** Discount is not cumulative.  

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