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Based on many years of experience of working with different organizations worldwide, we offer a range of services, which can be delivered independently of each other or as a part of our Strategic Technology and Business Innovation Program:

Half-day or one-day "Creativity Break" sessions


During these sessions based on a "full immersion" approach, a group of a customer organization (max. 25 people) practices with selected TRIZ and Systematic Innovation techniques to boost creativity and acquire new idea generation skills.

Assistance with product and technology innovation

Using techniques for situational analysis and assessment in combination with tools of systematic innovative problem solving, we assist our customers in the projects that demand fast problem solving and new ideas generation, as well as solving problems that arise during implementation of specific projects.  An output of the service is a number of new solution ideas, concepts and strategies previously unforeseen in a given area of technology.

Assistance with business and management innovation and problem solving

Situation assessment and analysis, solving business problems and conflicts, definition of painless organizational changes, improving communication, generation of new business models and concepts.
In-company and public training and certification in TRIZ, Systematic Innovation, Analytical Techniques and Systematic Inventive Thinking Possessing over 15 years of experience with training numerous customers worldwide, we offer high-quality training at all levels in systematic methods of creativity and innovation: TRIZ, ARIZ, Root Conflict Analysis, Function Analysis, Functional Idealization, Trends of Technology Evolution, Systematic Technology Forecast. Our training courses were highly rated by many Fortune 1000 companies.
Individual and group coaching to achieve the maximum degree of competence with TRIZ and Systematic Innovation
This service helps those groups and individuals who wish to acquire maximum confidence and effectiveness of working with TRIZ and Systematic Innovation Techniques and learn the TRIZ way of thinking.
Definition and implementation of an organizational innovation strategy This service includes development of an organizational architecture that involves methods and supporting tools specific to the organization; establishing innovation teams, their facilitation and coaching; and organization-wide implementation of an innovation system. This also includes definition of IT solutions that organize, structure and support innovation knowledge management and decision making.

Total development of innovative solutions

In cooperation with our business partners, among which are the largest world leading companies in science and technology consulting, we are capable to provide total solutions to your problems and demands. This service provides a unique merger of skills both in producing new ideas and successful implementing of these ideas in form of new products and technologies.

When providing our services, we target at long-term business partnerships with our customers. Our goal is to help organizations to leverage their innovative potential to its full extent and achieve sustainable market leadership. Final solutions result from the synergy between our expertise in the area of innovation and the customerís expertise in its area of competence.


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