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Online Course:

TRIZ and Systematic Innovation for Technology and Engineering, MATRIZ Level 3
Certificates: MATRIZ Certificate Level 3, TTIC Certificate,

  • The course provides learning of advanced methods and techniques of TRIZ and Systematic Innovation for Technology and Engineering with special focus on solving non-standard inventive problems and the methods of products and technologies forecast.

  • The course has strong practical orientation and is based on working with customer projects. Actual customer challenges can be used during the course.

  • The course is based on individual online communication between a trainer and a student.

  • Basic and avanced knowledge of TRIZ and Systematic Innovation for Technology and Engineering is required to take the course. It can be confirmed by Certificate of MATRIZ Level 2 or adequate level of training and experience based on tests or evidence. Tests are provided by ICG T&C if necessary.


  • Problem Analysis in depth.

  • A full process with ARIZ-85C to solve inventive problems.

  • Problem Subversion Analysis.

  • TRIZ-based Anticipatory Failures Analysis to predict potential inventive problems.

  • Feature Transfer to discover and resolve alternative contradiction and create a new technical system based on resolved contradiction.

  • Anticipatory Failures Determination to forecast potential problems.

  • Value-Conflict Mapping to discover evolutionary potential of systems by identifying evolution blocking contradictions.

  • Ranking and selecting contradictions extracted from Value-Conflict Mapping. Defining innovation priorities and strategies.

  • Models of Technical Systems Evolution. Laws and Trends of evolution.

  • Scenarios of Innovation.

  • A process with TRIZ-based Forecast and Innovation Roadmapping to generate new ideas and build innovation roadmap.

  • Evaluation of ideas obtained with TRIZ-based Forecast and Innovation Roadmapping. Generating Ideas Landscape chart.

  • Solving non-technical problems with TRIZ. 

  • Creative Imagination Development techniques: Focal Objects, Parameters Intensification, Hybridization, Multi-Stories Modeling, Method of Trends, Gold Fish, Fantogramma. 

  • Downloading and watching a set of a lectures in HD video format.

  • Online discussions with questions, answers and explanations on each topic.

  • Off-line assignments performed by a student.

  • Off-line evaluations performed by the trainer.

  • Interactive online feedback session after each assignment.

  • Course slides

  • Guides to tools and techniques used in the course

  • Practical assignments

  • Online interactive sessions

  • Offline evaluations and communication

  • After-course questions/answers support




Our standard technical requirements


The International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ) Certificate Level 3. In addition: Certificate of TRIZ Professional, by the TRIZ Training International Centre.


EUR 2200 (excl. VAT if applied)

The fee includes MATRIZ administrative and certification costs.
Payment can be done by a credit card or wire transfer. As soon as payment is received, we send all the instructions and download links.


To purchase the course please register by selecting the title of the course and providing your data. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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