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TRIZ and Systematic Innovation Training > Extended Course for Business and Management

Advanced TRIZ and Systematic Innovation for Business and Management

Hands-on Practical Training and Certification

Trainer: Valeri Souchkov


"After this course, I believe TRIZ has great potential for the business world. It is a powerful tool to get people out of their normal line of reasoning, and to achieve extraordinary results."

Principal Consultant, Capgemini


This unique five-day intensive hands-on course targets at acquiring and mastering skills with modern TRIZ and Systematic Innovation in Business and Management to increase creative and innovative performance of organizations and individuals. The course provides understanding of the basic TRIZ principles of innovative and creative thinking, introduces key techniques of systematic innovative problem solving, and explains how to put these techniques to practice. The course is well suited for learning how to solve non-ordinary problems which do not necessarily require innovation as well as how to produce new innovative business and management ideas.

The acquired practical skills help the course participants to correctly formulate problems, resolve conflicts in a "win-win" way, as well as produce new ideas for products and services based on a guided process. In addition to learning about philosophy, principles of power thinking, and concepts of Systematic Innovation, the participants acquire the basic practical skills of working with a number of key TRIZ and xTRIZ techniques during the course:
  • Understanding problems and challenges with Advanced TRIZ and Systematic Innovation.
  • Identifying system/process relationships with TRIZ-based Function Analysis to identify and solve problems in the existing products and processes.
  • Study and practice with Inventive Principles: "standard" patterns of solving inventive problems in business and management.
  • Building contradiction trees with Value-Conflict Mapping (VCM) to match customer, market and business demands with existing business systems and services, identify hidden demands, and explore strategic evolutionary potential.
  • Systematic Business Model Innovation provides innovative solutions for business models.
  • Applying key Trends of Business Systems Evolution to assess evolutionary potential of current business models and identify strategic directions of business systems innovation and improvement.

The course is based a practical framework developed by ICG T&C during many years of practice. This framework extends classical TRIZ and puts it to the practical use within business and management environments. The course participants work on real examples during the course to better understand the TRIZ philosophy and make it applicable to a broad diversity of problems, products and services.

The course usually hosts international audience and is conducted in English.

If you want to learn more about TRIZ-based systematic Innovation in business and management, please download white paper Breakthrough Thinking with TRIZ for Business and Management  (20 pages, PDF).

Business managers, business development managers, business innovation professionals,  innovation managers,  new business product and service development professionals, Six Sigma specialists, creativity and innovation facilitators, team leaders, business process improvers, marketing and advertisement professionals, knowledge management professionals, consultants, lecturers.

The course combines both basic and advanced TRIZ concepts. Thus you do not need to have prior knowledge of TRIZ to visit the course.

If you have doubts if the course is appropriate to you, please contact us and we will assess your specific situation.
  • Fundamentals of advanced TRIZ.

  • Overview of TRIZ and xTRIZ techniques for business and management, xTRIZ Roadmap.

  • Function Analysis of business systems and business processes.

  • Practice with Function Analysis.

  • Interaction Problem Model.

  • Inventive Standards for Business and Management.

  • Practice with Inventive Standards for Business and Management.

  • TRIZ Trends of Evolution of business Systems. Overview and practical application.

  • Practice with Evolutionary Potential Assessment and Trends of Business Systems Evolution.

  • Value-Conflict Mapping to identify evolution roadblocks and future innovation opportunities.

  • Systematic Business Model Innovation.

  • Practical projects with learned techniques on the customer's problems; working in groups. 

  • TRIZ Implementation aspects.

  • Questions and answers, discussions.

Throughout the course:

  • Practicing in groups
  • Questions and Answers

To get a detailed program and brochure of the course, please contact us

  • Understanding the TRIZ approach to solving non-ordinary and innovative problems.

  • Understanding principles of "power" thinking.

  • Ability to correctly formulate problems and generate solution ideas in a systematic way.

  • Ability to analyze existing business systems and products in a systematic way and explore their potential for strategic evolution.

  • Boosting innovative and creative thinking skills.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will get a Certificate of TRIZ and xTRIZ Practitioner for Business and Management.
Valeri Souchkov, M.Sc, internationally recognized innovation professional, certified TRIZ Master. 
  • Since 1989, trained more than 5.000 working professionals from over 50 countries
  • Assisted over 100 innovative projects in different areas.
  • Introduced first public TRIZ training courses in Europe and has been running them on a continuous basis since 1992.
  • Author of more than 70 publications including two books on TRIZ, systematic innovation and creativity.
  • One of developers of modern TRIZ and Systematic Innovation techniques.
  • Co-founder and Executive Board Member of ETRIA, the European TRIZ Association and Global TRIZ R&D Council member of MATRIZ, the International TRIZ Association.
  • Since 2003, heads ICG Training and Consulting and delivers courses on Systematic Innovation and TRIZ at the University of Twente, The Netherlands.
  • Price per seat: TBD (excl. 21% Value-Added Tax).

  • Price includes: course materials, handouts, lunches, refreshments.

  • Accommodation is not included.

  • Prepayment before the starting course date is obligatory. In case of cancellation one month before the course starting dates, we provide 100% refund. Otherwise we retain 20% of the paid fee.

10% discount* is applicable in the following cases:

  • Two or more participants of the same organization visit the course.
  • A course is visited by an existing customer (individual or organization) of ICG T&C.
  • Payment of a course fee will be done at least 30 days prior to a course starting date.

30% discount*:

  • For full-time staff of non-profit educational organizations (letter of confirmation is required)

* Discounts are not cumulative

Enschede, The Netherlands.
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