Essentials and Practice

4-Day Hands-on Practitioner Training Workshop

May 9-12, 2017
Park Plaza Hotel, Utrecht, The Netherlands


  • Sergei Ikovenko, Ph.D, TRIZ Master
  • Mark Barkan, Ph.D, TRIZ Master
  • Valeri Souchkov, M.Sc, TRIZ Master


This unique and intensive 4-day hands-on advanced training workshop launches a series of training workshops by the International TRIZ University for those who are willing to learn new TRIZ tools and master practical skills with these tools to expand and enhance their innovative capabilities and increase their innovative competitiveness.
In this particular workshop, three techniques will be studied:

  • How To Design Self-Selling Product: a technique for developing a strategy to invent a product or a technology to considerably reduce efforts with bringing a product to a market.
  • Proactive Failure Prevention (PFP): a technique which focuses on the analysis of potential causes of failure and how to prevent such failure.
  • Root-Conflict Analysis (RCA+): a technique for top-down decomposition of inventive problems to extract underlying contradictions.

The course introduces a unique material developed by the authors of the course. All the authors - instructors of the course - have considerable experience with TRIZ, which is based on many years of intensive practice with a large diversity of industries worldwide.


Upon successful completion of the course, the course participants will be provided with certificates of accomplishment of advanced TRIZ studies from The International TRIZ University.


  • Fee per seat is Euro 2500,- (excl. Value-Added Tax).
  • 21% Value-Added Tax (VAT) should be added to the fee by organizations from the Netherlands, outside the European Union, EU organizations which do not have registered VAT number, as well as participants participating in the course without business registration.
  • 10% discount for group participantion.


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Registration is available at the following link: registration_course_ntadtriz.htm  


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