Recommended books on TRIZ and Systematic Innovation:
And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared: TRIZ, the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving
by Genrich Altshuller
Paperback 2nd edition, May 1996, Technical Innovation Center
ISBN: 0964074028.
An excellent and easy to read book by G. Altshuller which in a very popular way explains basic principles of inventive thinking. A good book to start journey to TRIZ.
40 Principles: TRIZ Keys to Technical Innovation
By G. Altshuller, Y. Fedoseev
141 pages, Technical Innovation Center, Inc.
ISBN: 0964074036.

A book presenting one of the basic and earliest TRIZ techniques: 40 inventive principles with explanations and examples written in an easy to read way.
The Innovation Algorithm
By Genrich  Altshuller
Technical Innovation Center; 312 pages, March 1999.
ISBN: 0964074044

One of the classical works of Genrich Altshuller, originator of TRIZ. It was first was published in Russian in 1972, and since has become the best presentation on key TRIZ ideas and concepts. Although presents the TRIZ techniques as they were in the past, still the best text on the underlying TRIZ philosophy. This is an edited and adapted translation.
Simplified TRIZ: New Problem Solving Applications for Engineers and Manufacturing Professionals, Second Edition
by Kalevi Rantanen and Ellen Domb
280 p, CRC Press, 2007.
ISBN: 1420062735
Introduction to TRIZ which offers a practical “how to” guide with basic TRIZ techniques.
TRIZ: The Right Solution at the Right Time: A Guide to Innovative Problem Solving
By Yuri Salamatov, (Valeri Souchkov, ed.)
Insytec B.V., The Netherlands, 1999, 256 pages
ISBN 9080468010.

With 112 examples, explains TRIZ concepts in a logical way, from simple to complex. Might be found somewhat difficult to read due to a large volume of specific information from different areas. Was selected by Nikkei Business Publications as a main TRIZ textbook in Japan. 

Hands-on Systematic Innovation for Technology and Engineering
By Darrell Mann
CREAX Press, 2002, 464 pages.
ISBN: 4-902716-00-3

A comprehensive compilation of TRIZ methods and tools with case studies embedded throughout the body of work. This book explains TRIZ with Mann’s unique view of systematic innovation. This book was is very detailed and offers many valuable tables and charts.
Inventive Thinking through TRIZ: A Practical Guide
By Michael A. Orloff
Springer, 2010, 368 pages
ISBN-13: 978-3642069802
Written for self-study, the book provides the reader in the most vivid and systematic manner with the key ideas, techniques, and paradigms of the quite complex TRIZ method. The author is experienced in many practical applications of TRIZ in various fields.
TRIZ for Engineers: Enabling Inventive Problem Solving
by Karen Gadd

2011, John Wiley & Sons Inc, 504 p.
ISBN: 9780470741887

Book presents modern TRIZ tools with numerous examples of their applications based on real cases

Innovation on Demand: New Product Development Using TRIZ
By Fey, V.R. and E.I. Rivin
2005: Cambridge University Press. 256 p.
ISBN 0521826209
This book explains how the TRIZ methodology harnesses creative principles extracted from thousands of successful patented inventions to help find more innovative solutions to design problems. Written for practicing engineers, product managers, technology managers and engineering students, it demonstrates how to use TRIZ tools.
Effective Innovation: The Development of Successful Engineering Technologies
By Don Clausing & Victor Fey
2004, Wiley, 247 pages
ISBN: 1-86058-438-1
From technology strategy to concept creation and selection, the authors cover each innovation activity, taking you step-by-step through the effective methods. They provide a clear focus on robustness development and technology transfer, which leads to the commercialization activity.
Engineering of Creativity: Introduction to TRIZ Methodology of Inventive Problem Solving
By Semyon Savransky
CRC Press, 394 pages, 2000.
ISBN: 978-0849322556

This book is an attempt to comprehensively present TRIZ from a viewpoint of a scientist. Provides overview of modern TRIZ and its underlying principles. More a collection of papers than a textbook, for advanced reader.
Improve Your Thinking: Substance-Field Analysis
By Iouri Belski

This book introduces the reader to contemporary Substance-Field Analysis - one of the powerful tools of TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving). Using this book readers will learn to model a real situation with substances and fields and to identify the conflicts which lead to the problem at hand and how to accurately use 5 model solutions to resolve every conflict identified.
TRIZ: systematic innovation in manufacturing
Yeoh Teong San; Yeoh Tay Jin; Song Chi Li
2009, Firstfruits Sdn Bhd, 180p.
ISBN: 9838040266

The book can serve as a good learning material for basic TRIZ. It also briefly covers some more advanced tools and describes TRIZ general philosophy. The main value of the book is in numerous examples and case studies from the manufacturing area that will be interesting for TRIZ practitioners
Hands-on Systematic Innovation for Business and Management
By Darrell Mann
IFR Press, 2004, 539 pages.
ISBN: 1-898546-73-8

Adaptation of the previous book of the author written for technology and engineering professionals to business and management.

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