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TRIZ and Systematic Innovation Training > Advanced  Course for Technology and Engineering

Root-Conflict Analysis (RCA+): Introduction and Practice

-day Hands-on Practical Training and Certification

Course leader: Valeri Souchkov

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“Valeri Souchkov introduced a ranking method, similar to nominal group technique, and his Root Conflict Analysis method, that together are very powerful in revealing the problem that needs to be solved, that will make the other problems go away.”

The TRIZ Journal

Root Conflict Analysis (RCA+) is a relatively new addition to the set of tools and techniques which is aimed at helping to manage complexity of problems by identifying contradictions which compose a problem and establishing relationships between these contradictions.

Since RCA+ can be used both together with TRIZ and independently, we have decided to launch a separate course on the technique due to growing demand.

RCA+ is a domain-independent universal technique which can be performed within the scope of three tasks:

  • To solve a specific problem related to a certain specific product, service or process (e.g. to increase sales of a specific service produced by a specific company, to eliminate failure of a specific product).
  • To solve a broad problem related to an entire class of products, processes or services (e.g. to prevent all ships from sinking, to eliminate the possibility of an error made by a pilot during flights, to eliminate errors by a call centre, etc.)
  • To predict and eliminate possible and potential failures within systems and processes (e.g. to identify possible causes of project failure).

Unlike traditional methods of Root Cause Analysis, RCA+ targets at revealing conflicts rather than single causes and define links between them. Very often, even if we found a cause of a certain problem, we can't just eliminate it: because the same cause contributes to a positive effect. To solve complex problems we should understand them - and not only negative causes but positive as well. In addition, coupled with TRIZ techniques for resolving conflicts, RCA+ provides a powerful platform not only for problem analysis but for problem solving.

RCA+ provides the following:

  • Helps to decompose a problem to a number of related causes and effects.
  • Helps to identify “invisible” causes and conflicts.
  • Helps to properly identify conflicting causes.
  • Helps to structure and visualize a problem space.
  • Helps to reach a common agreement and vision of a problem situation.
  • Helps to boost a group collaboration on solving a problem.
  • Helps to recognize potential for improvement.
  • Provides direct input for conflict resolution techniques.

RCA+ can be used in every area where problems, contradictions, and undesired effects take place.

  • Key concepts and philosophy of Root Conflict Analysis (RCA+)

  • Conflicts as major obstacles for obtaining powerful solutions

  • A process of top-down decomposition of problems and revealing conflicts

  • Analysis of RCA+ diagrams

  • Categorization of conflicts

  • Selection of a conflict to resolve

  • Selection of a strategy for conflict resolution

  • Conflict separation principles to generate ideas on how to resolve conflicts.

  • Extensive practice with RCA+ on customer cases

To get a detailed program and brochure of the course, please contact us.

  • Understanding RCA+ method
  • Acquiring practical skills with problem analysis and building RCA+ diagrams
  • Learning ways to resolve conflicts to produce most effective and efficient solutions
Upon completion of the course, you will get Certificate of RCA+ practitioner.
Valeri Souchkov, M.Sc, TRIZ Trainer and Expert, certified by the founder of TRIZ G. Altshuller. Since 1989, Valeri trained more than 3.000 working professionals worldwide, as well as assisted in corporate-wide TRIZ implementation programs. He conducted training and facilitation for many organizations, including Capgemini, DSM, DuPont, LG Electronics, Posco, Philips, Siemens.
Author of more than 50 publications on systematic innovation and IT support for innovation, as well as one of the developers of modern TRIZ and Systematic Innovation techniques.
He was a co-founder of Invention Machine Corporation, currently the world leader in Computer-Aided Innovation and a co-founder and Executive Board Member of the European TRIZ Association ( He is also a lecturer on TRIZ and Systematic Innovation at the University of Twente, The Netherlands.
Every professional who is interested in enhancing problem analysis and solving skills. No previous experience with RCA+ or TRIZ is required.
If you have doubts if the course is appropriate to you, please contact us and we will assess your specific situation.
  • Price per seat: Euro 500,- (excl. VAT/BTW if applicable).

  • Prince includes: course materials, handouts, lunches, refreshments.

  • Accommodation is not included.

  • Prepayment before the starting course date is obligatory. In case of cancellation one month before the course starting dates, we provide 100% refund. Otherwise we retain 20% of the paid fee.

10% discount* is applicable in the following cases:

  • Two or more participants of the same organization visit the course.
  • A course is visited by an existing customer (individual or organization) of ICG T&C.
  • Payment of a course fee will be done at least 45 days prior to a course starting date.

* Discount is not cumulative

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