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To Possible Through The Impossible 

Systematic Creative Imagination Development:
Essentials, Techniques and Practice

One-day Hands-on Training and Certification

: Valeri Souchkov, TRIZ Master

Nearest date:
May 26, 2017, 09:00-18:00

: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Price: EUR 450,- (excl. 21% VAT).
10% discount for early registration




Probably, no one will argue that creative imagination is an essential part of our personal development and skills in the 21st century. We all possess it, but do we use it to full extent?

This course targets at providing an answer how to unlock the potential of your creative imagination and how to develop it further. In addition, the course provides mastering skills with a number of practical techniques not just to boost your imagination but to create new breakthrough value adding ideas in a systematic way.

You might ask, “There are already many courses on creativity. Why one more course?” The answer is simple: at this course we are not just talking about what creativity is and what we need to enhance it, but learn how to improve and develop it with a number of systematic techniques which help directly generate new “out-of-the-box” ideas and systematically develop creative imagination. Not just learning several new techniques, but learning how to evolve our imagination and capabilities to think out of the box. Like any skill, creative imagination requires development – and it can be developed. And it can be done systematically. Systematic approach to Creative Imagination Development (CID) – this is what makes this course unique and different.
The course content is based on findings and developments of one of the best minds within creativity studies: Genrich Altshuller, who has been widely known as the founder of TRIZ, a Theory of Solving Inventive Problems. Today TRIZ is the best known practice to solve inventive and innovative problems. But while TRIZ primarily focuses on technological and business areas, and takes considerable time to learn and master, the CID techniques can be used in every area, learned very quickly, and immediately put to practice.
Skills with Systematic Creative Imagination Development not only help to come up with new ideas. They help to recognize existing opportunities and see ahead of others.
In addition to helping developing creative imagination CID techniques have successfully used to invent new products and add new features to existing products, solve technical and business problems, find new creative ideas for marketing and advertisement, books and screenplays, paintings and photo art, even home decoration – virtually every area where creativity is demanded. CID can also be successfully used at team sessions to facilitate new ideas generation.

Before the workshop, the registered participants obtain a set of video lectures about CID.

The workshop is conducted in English language.

Target audience: Those who wish to enhance their creative capabilities and learn how to improve out of the box thinking skills: from students to executives in business and technology, marketing, social, and other areas.


  • Ordinary thinking vs. systematic creative thinking: what are the differences?
  • Psychological inertia, fears, and barriers: how to fight?
  • Out of the box thinking: why difficult? What can be done to improve?  
  • Recognizing and eliminating existing and potential contradictions: a basis for generating new ideas.

CID Techniques:

  • Creative problem solving with Ideal Final Result
  • Multi-Screen Vision
  • Focal Objects technique
  • Operator "Size-Time-Cost"
  • Parametric intensification
  • Trend Extrapolation technique
  • Gold Fish technique
  • Four-Storied Modeling
  • Principles of Creative Innovation
  • Innovative storytelling and creative scenario creating
  • Practice: All techniques are practiced in groups on real cases.
Valeri Souchkov, certified TRIZ Master, M.Sc, internationally recognized systematic innovation professional.  
  • One of developers of modern TRIZ and Systematic Innovation techniques.
  • Since 1989, trained more than 6000 working professionals from over 50 countries.
  • Assisted over 100 innovative projects in different areas.
  • Introduced first public TRIZ training courses in Europe and has been running them on a continuous basis since 1995.
  • Author of more than 100 publications including three books on TRIZ, systematic innovation and creativity.
  • Co-founder and Executive Board Member of ETRIA, the European TRIZ Association
  • Vice President and accredited representative of MATRIZ, the International TRIZ Association.
  • Currently heads ICG Training and Consulting and teaches Systematic Innovation and TRIZ at the University of Twente and TIAS Business School in The Netherlands.

Fee for the training is EUR 450,- per person (excl. 21% VAT). The fee includes: 

  • Course seat.
  • Courseware.
  • Lunch and refreshments.
  • After-course free 3 months informational phone/online support.

The fee must be paid before the course.
Cancellation is free three weeks before the course, otherwise we retain 20% of the fee.

10% discount* is applicable in the following cases:

  • Two or more participants of the same organization visiting the course.
  • A course is visited by an existing customer (individual or organization) of ICG T&C.
  • Payment of a course fee is done at least 30 days prior to a course starting date.

30% discount* is applicable to full time students.

* Discounts are not cumulative


Upon successful completion of the course, you will get Certificate of CID practitioner from the TRIZ Training International Centre


Utrecht is a main business hub in the Netherlands located within 30 minutes by train from the Amsterdam airport "Schiphol".
Upon registration, we will provide you with further details of the course location and a list of possible accommodations.

Please note that the number of participants is limited due to practical orientation of the course. To timely register for the course, visit our Registration page

Note that the full payment must be done prior to the workshop. We will send you an invoice and the payment options right after we receive your registration data.

In case you have any questions please contact us via e-mail or call +31-6-15430012 or +31-53-4342884

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