ICG T&C NEWSLETTER on TRIZ and Systematic Innovation, July 2004

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This newsletter, as usual highlights some forthcoming events, provides links to recent articles and news from the world of innovation and technology. 
Valeri Souchkov
Next courses from ICG in the Netherlands:
- 2-day Basic Systematic Innovation: September 7-8, 2004
- 1-day Systematic Innovation for Business and Management: October 6, 2004
- 3-day Advanced Systematic Innovation: November 9-10-11, 2004
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Do not miss ETRIA Conference "TRIZ Future 2004": November 3-5, 2004, Florence, Italy: http://www.etria.net
The Club of Amsterdam organizes the congress "Summit For Future 2005" dedicated to the questions of transformation of Europe to knowledge Society. Valeri Souchkov will be speaking in the stream "Science and Technology":
Infrastructure for Systematic Innovation Enterprise 
by Valeri Souchkov
A short article which discusses why automation of innovation is still failing and what infrastructure will help achieving maximum results regarding innovative performance.
How to Apply TRIZ at Samsung
by Hyo June Kim
This link, kindly provided by Prof. Toru Nakagawa from Osaka-Gakun University of Japan presents a brief story of implementing TRIZ at Samsung Corporation, which quickly develops strong competence with new methods of Systematic Innovation and their practical applications.
Analysis and Development Aspects of Laser Optical Disk Systems 
Serguei Khrouchtchev
The article from a former employee of Samsung presents how TRIZ "trimming" technique (also known as "convolution technique") and TRIZ principles were used to improve DVD pickup system, which resulted in the project that saved Euro 100 mln to Samsung.  
Mapping the Innovation Space One: Novel Tools for Problem Definition in Product Innovation
by Barry Winkless, Dr. John Cooney
The article proposes and discusses a novel approach to map innovative problems.
innotool Innovation Toolbox For SMEs
by Darrell Mann
The article reports on the results of EU-funded project to create and develop a tool for innovation which could be of use to small and medium enterprises.
Smart cardboard
A new technology that uses paperboard for collecting, exchanging and securing information. As authors say, "this is a PC on paper". Costs of the technology is claimed to be very low, therefore the technology can be used in disposable objects. Can be applied in a number of applications, such as packaging, pharmacy, etc.
Technology for printing RFID
To print RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) which is becoming more and more widespread, standard technology involves creating flat antennas by etching away layers of copper until we obtain the desired print. A new technology from QinetiQ covers a substrate with a special ink which does not contain any metal. Then the substrate is placed to the metal-containing solution, and the ink "attracts" metal from the solution. The technology is 50% cheaper and much faster. A good illustration of the TRIZ "Intermediary" Principle, where an introduced intermediate object provides the needed function (to form antennas) almost ideally.
Fresh bulb
A fluorescent bulb which does not only sheds light but removes odor. A nice example of a bi-system with a good use of shared resources. However, some test customers complained that the removed all odors at all, so they can't enjoy nice smell of flowers...
Self-chilling beverage can
When activated, the desiccant contained within a vacuum draws the heat from beverage through the evaporator into an insulated heat-sink container thus lowering the temperature of the beverage. Well, according to TRIZ, the next goal of inventors should be "The drink cools down itself". Anyone?
Ice cream from Japan. Seems like the authors of these new food products used morphological approach... However, there are still too many doubts how these ice-creams taste...
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