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 TRIZ-Based Systematic Business Model Innovation


Training Workshop
July 31, 2013, 08:30-14:30
Hotel "Rus", Kiev, Ukraine
Trainer: Valeri Souchkov

Prior to MATRIZ Conference TRIZFest 2013
Price: US
$ 300
To participate, TRIZFest 2013 registration is not required


In the past decades TRIZ has become the best practice of innovation at a number of world-leading companies. While the vast majority of TRIZ applications cover technology and engineering, the fundamental concepts of TRIZ approach to problem analysis and creative ideas generation are based on a solid systematic background which can be used within a much broader area. 

It is why recently the TRIZ approach has been expanding to other fields where creative problem solving is required and one of them is business and management. One particular area where TRIZ has been found to work rather successfully is innovative improvement of business models.

Either at a startup or a large organization, we often face problems or challenges related to different business development issues that can not be easily solved. Sometimes we might know a solution but limitations and constraints do not allow us using it. Or we might totally miss a proper problem solving strategy. In most cases it happens due to a conflict of demands which we call a “blocking contradiction”: we want to improve something or reach a certain goal but something else prevents us from obtaining the result desired.

Usually contradictions are very difficult to solve so we come up with trade-offs that can be costly or which still do not bring the expected result. In such situations we engage to the creative thinking to "get out of the box" to resolve contradictions in the best possible way. The key advantage of using TRIZ is that instead of trying to randomly jump to a solution we use techniques which provide structured analysis of a situation, discovery and structuring of problems, and organize guided search among patterns of the best innovative ideas.

This workshop presents how a number of TRIZ techniques and an approach to business modeling can be used in combination to discover challenges, improve strategic decision making, and generate new innovative business ideas.


Everyone who is interested in business innovation: business professionals, business managers, team leaders, management and management consultants,  productivity and quality professionals, executives, students of business and management disciplines, problem solvers.
No previous experience with TRIZ or Business Modeling is required.

  • Introduction to Business Modeling Canvas approach to model a business system.
  • Value-Conflict Mapping (VCM) to identify and structure contradictions in a business system.
  • Selection of key contradictions in a business model.
  • Practical case with Value-Conflict Mapping and Business Model Canvas.
  • Solving business contradictions.
  • Practical case with identifying and solving contradictions to innovate a business system.
  • Summary and discussions.



Valeri Souchkov, M.Sc, internationally recognized TRIZ and Systematic Innovation Trainer and Expert, certified by the founder of TRIZ Genrich Altshuller. 

  • Since 1989, trained more than 5.000 working professionals worldwide, as well as assisted about 100 innovative projects in different areas.

  • Originated public TRIZ training courses in Europe and has been running them on a continuous basis since 1992.

  • Author of more than 70 publications including two books on TRIZ, systematic innovation and creativity.

  • Author and one of the developers of several TRIZ and Systematic Innovation techniques.

  • Co-founder and Executive Board Member of ETRIA, the European TRIZ Association and Global TRIZ R&D Council member of MATRIZ, the International TRIZ Association.

  • Since 2003, heads ICG Training & Consulting and teaches courses on Systematic Innovation and TRIZ at the University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands.


300 US Dollars.


Hotel "Rus", Kiev, Ukraine

To participate in the workshop you do not need to participate in the MATRIZ TRIZFest 2013. To register for the course, please please contact us or send e-mail message directly to MATRIZ organizers   
In case you have any questions please contact us via e-mail or call
+31-6-84805587 or +31-53-4342884

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