This downloadable online video tutorial offers a set of lectures on TRIZ and Systematic Innovation by Valeri Souchkov during his lectures and tutorials at the University of Twente. It provides introductory presentations which explain the essence and key concepts of TRIZ as well as provides several tutorials on several basic TRIZ techniques.  This presentation is for those who would like to watch and listen to "alive" and unbiased introduction to contemporary TRIZ and Systematic Innovation and to get familiar with its main paradigms. 

The video set is recorded in high definition video format and includes separate PDF files with the slides used in the lectures and descriptions of the TRIZ techniques explained during the lectures.

All the presentations and materials are in English.

You can watch a video fragment from one of the lectures (15 min).


  • Total running time: 290 minutes.
  • PDF files with the tutorial slides are located in the archive.
  • Each video file is in High Definition resolution 1280 x 720p, 16:9 wide screen, AVC h.264 codec format which can be played with most video players on all PC and Mac desktop and laptop computers.


  • Innovation through problem solving
  • Difficulties of inventive problems definition
  • Idea killers
  • Systematic approach to innovation
  • Common patterns of solutions
  • Difference between invention and innovation
  • Barriers of innovation
  • 5 Levels of solutions
  • What is TRIZ
  • Major TRIZ discoveries
  • Structure and tools of modern TRIZ
  • Roadmap to TRIZ
  • Difference between a typical and inventive problem
  • Representing problems as contradictions
  • Intensification of contradictions
  • Types of contradictions
  • Resolving contradictions
  • TRIZ criteria of strong solutions
  • Decomposition of problems to contradiction trees
  • Root Conflict Analysis (RCA+): tutorial and case study
  • Inventive principles
  • Examples of inventive principles application
  • Contradiction Matrix
  • Solving problems with Contradiction Matrix
  • Case with RCA+ and Contradiction Matrix
  • TRIZ Concept of Ideality
  • Trends and Lines of Technology Evolution: Overview
  • Examples of some TRIZ lines of technology evolution
  • Impact of TRIZ
  • Tools of TRIZ
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